Missboxing has been a specifically developed for the 21st century Woman.
MissBoxing is (depending on your fitness level) 60-90 minutes long

  • training includes basic boxing exercises, cardio,
  • plyometrics, strength skills specifically focus on female body parts.

This new system is varied and fun for ladies of all ages. Every
training demands more and more…..
In the training there is no fight  only with yourself) MissBoxing is working on HitLess Fitness precept.Guaranteed : only 8 trainings are enough to feel the change in your body and soul!Stress Relief :
– Getting your frustration out with explosive, sweaty workouts and punching bags or pad works is simply the best way to deal with stress.
No matter how frustrated you may be, MissBoxing has got your back.
Fat Burning :
– Low and high intensity parts are rotating, that’s why this training ensures fat burning. Cardio parts are helping
the fat burning and to lose weight.
Body Transformation:
– Workouts combine various different types of exercises which ensure that all your body is being worked focused
on female body parts.Getting that dream body or becoming a stronger version of yourself, Is just one punch away.MissBoxing is improved by an international coach team with great experience. This system is not including fights, hits or any physical contact between each other. Injuries are 100% avoidable. MissBoxing follow the HitLess Fitness guidelines.

Discount: Monthly pass for 4 500 HUF instead of 11 900 HUF!