Mozsár Café & Bistro

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he Mozsar Cafe & Bistro is a place where the morning baguette is always fresh and the coffee is perfect.

It’s a place to work in the morning and have lunch at noon.

It’s also a great meeting point before the theatre starts and having dinner here afterwards.

If You taste one of our delicious evening meals and choose some wine to go with it, there’s a high chance of You becoming one of our regular customers.

Mozsár is a place where we are always happy to see You.  Our main goal is to give You the feeling, it is always worth for You to stop here.


  • You can get 20% off from everything, except the 2-course daily menu
  • After you collect 10 stamps for the 10 coffees you have bought, you can get 2 EXTRA for free, instead of 1

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