NR1 FITNESS Oktogon, Kálvin, Rákoczi,

At Nr1Fitness you can work out 24/7 at 3 different gyms in the city centre, 365 days a year.

That is why we have designed our gyms around the things that matter the most. As a result we provide modern high quality gyms with the right equipment based on the feedback from the once we care the most about; our members. Don’t overthink it, we look forward to seeing you at our Oktogon, Kalvin or Rakoczi location!

NR1 Fitness Oktogon

Aradi u. 8, Oktogon-ház, 1062

Our fitness centre at Oktogon is modern and open 24/7, located only 1 minute walk from the 4/6 tram stop and a short walk from Nyugati. We offer new equipment and a clean space to get in shape surrounded in the great atmosphere of our members. There is also a garage for parking operated by the office building the gym is situated in.

Kalvin Tér

Kecskeméti u. 14, 1053 Budapest

Our newest 24/7 fitness centre is located on street level next to the Mercure Hotel, right on the corner of Kalvin tér (5th district). The gym offers cardio, strength training, stretching area and personal training.

Rákóczi Tér

We have opened up a BRAND NEW gym in November 2019 with TOP QUALITY EQUIPMENT in super central location right next to the 4/6 tram line at Rákóczi Tér (József krt. 35, 1085) ! Of course we are OPEN 24/7 as well! 

Current and new members will now have even more locations to work out as one membership at Nr1Fitness gives ACCESS to 3 FITNESS CENTRES in Budapest!

Buy your pass now

Use the ErasmusLife2020Budapest discount code on the Nr1 Fitness website to get 20% DISCOUNT on all gym passes.

If you buy 3 months, you can work out unlimited for only 20€ a month, and if you take longer subscriptions, it gets even cheaper!

Make sure to show your card to the receptionist the first time you are going!
You can pay only online, or by bank card at the reception, but not by cash. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 3-9pm in all the 3 gyms.
Important notice: the 3 months pass renews automatically! Tell the staff at the reception that you want only 3 months, if you don’t wish to have your subscription for longer, and the receptionist will cancel the automatic renewal; or send an email to your base gym’s email, following the instructions in the FAQ here: nr1fitness.hu/en/faq/ before (!) the end of your 3 months.
6 and 12 months passes don’t renew automatically, only the 3 months one.
After the 3 month, you can make your subscription longer by purchasing the Student Flex package with 20% discount too!

3 months pass

With ELB Card:
19 999 Ft instead of 25 000 Ft

6 months pass

With ELB Card:
34 399 Ft instead of 43 000 Ft

12 months pass

With ELB Card:
47 990 Ft instead of 66 000 Ft