To the Left,To the Left

We don’t blame you if you get a bit confused trying to find us after you pass the security part, it’s normal to get lost at Morrison’s 2. In case you didn’t know, we are located on the left side of the Morrison’s 2 Entrance as seen in the picture on the left. If you still can’t find us, just follow the blue and lookout for our flags on the left side of the entrance.

It’s important to choose the correct side at the entrance as if you end up going to the right side, the entrance will certainly be more expensive. When you choose the Erasmus Path you can’t go wrong.

Make sure to have ready either your ELB Cards or the Event on your mobile phone showing that you are interested/going so we can keep the line moving as fast as possible and avoid long queues!
Please be friendly to our Erasmus Staff 🙂
If you don’t have internet connection please make sure to take a screenshot of the facebook event page and make sure it shows that you are interested/going!