Tips & Fun Facts


  1. Hungary is very famous for its nightlife and summer music festivals: Sziget, Balaton Sound and VOLT have all been voted as the best ones in Europe in the last 5 years
  2. The country is one of the oldest ones in Europe: it was founded in 1000 A.D. by King St. Stephen. The most famous Basilica in Budapest is named after him.
  3. We have some special, weird-looking dogs: for example “puli” looks like a rag (google it, really!)
  4. The parliament building is the 3rd highest (and arguably the most beautiful) in Europe.
  5. Hungary is very successful at the Olympic Games, 9th all time with 175 gold medals overall. The most famous team sport is water polo.
  6. The only Formula 1 race in Eastern Europe is held at Hungaroring since 1986, generally in late July.
  7. Hungarian language is one of the hardest in the world to learn, and similar to no other – no, not even Finnish. For example “cheers” is “Egészségedre!” – this is the most important word probably 😉
  8. In food, we use a lot of paprika, for example in goulash soup, and beef stew – generally the menu is a meat that is hot and spicy, and very good!
  9. Let’s talk about drinks, too! Just remember these: Pálinka (made from pure fruits, very strong) Unicum (bitter), and Fröccs (white/rosé wine & soda, the best refresher).
  10. The best viewpoint is probably from the top of Gellért Hill – but from the Buda Castle it’s not bad either!
  11. Don’t be fooled by taxi drivers: the base fare is 450HUF, kilometre-based fare is 280Ft/km. Check your maps on your phone also so that they don’t take you to long, pricey sightseeing tours…
  12. Ruin bars have become very famous, and a real touristic attraction in the last 10 years. With their unique atmosphere, may are now signature places of the city.
  13. Don’t forget the baths: there is plenty of them, providing you a very nice way to chill, with the healthy natural thermal waters that flows under the ground in massive amounts in Hungary.
  14. How about the inventions? The Rubik’s cube, ball point pen, colour TV, and Prezi were all invented by Hungarian geniuses.