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Let us begin by explaining who we are: Erasmus Life Budapest was created in 2016, when a couple of Hungarian students returned home from their awesome Erasmus semesters from Lisbon. We knew our semester could not have been the same without the help of the organisation: Erasmus Life Lisboa. That is how we came up with the idea of ELB: we wanted to give all the incoming international students just as much of a cool experience in Budapest as the one we had in Lisbon. ELB was founded to make you feel at home, by helping you before and after moving to Hungary. We also aim to give you the most amazing time by creating life-long memories you will never forget. Soon enough, your new favourite city will be Budapest and you’ll wish your life here would never end. We will be here to welcome you, help you with whatever you need and show you our amazing city, the destinations around Hungary and even central Europe. We will take you to trips, cultural and chill events, but most importantly, we’ll party like there’s no tomorrow.

We will make your exchange in Budapest the best time of your life


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Free entry at clubs & Exclusive events

Check out the next HUGE parties coming up! Don’t miss the best clubbing events, and bucket list parties such as the legendary Pool and Boat Party!


Come discover Hungary, and the surrounding countries’ most beautiful destinations with us and fellow international students! Culture, amazing places, and great programs!

Other Events

Beer pong championships, pub crawls, nights out with discount drinks, cultural city tours, sport watching, get-together events and a lot more, check out what’s coming up!


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Partners & Discount

Would you like 1€ beer every night in famous ruin pubs? All you can eat food with 25% discount? And how about an unlimited 3-month gym pass? These are only a few of the discounts you can access with the ELB card! Check out the detailed list of our partners and discounts

Events & Trips

Take a look at our parties, trips & events…

Check out the parties waiting for you

Erasmus Life Budapest organizes the best club parties with all international students in Budapest gathering for these events to spend insane nights together. You can always expect free drinks, the best DJs, discount prices, amazing surprises, and partying till the sun comes up! Special parties, crazy costumes and decorations, fire and LED shows, and an atmosphere you have to experience.

Our Huge Boat Party and Pool Party became instantly legendary, you really can’t miss one.

Get to know Hungary

We organize trips within Hungary, and beyond the country’s borders in central-eastern Europe: weekends at Lake Balaton, Prague, Vienna, Krakow, Veszprém, Pécs, Eger, day trips to Esztergom, visegrád…You will have plenty of opportunities to discover as much as you can during your exchange.
 Check out our daily events for more fun!

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