Are you ready for gathering your friends and have a fun night together?

A pleasant night is nothing without good food, and drinks, right? Don’t worry, this is precisely Wolt can help you with! Wolt is a gastro-tech company providing excellent food delivery service. It makes it incredibly easy for you to discover the best restaurants in the city, and get great food delivered directly to you whether you’re at home, at the student hostel, at school or in a park.

Wolt’s goal is to make your days better with every meal, which never was more comfortable to have on the table than now! Due to its proprietary technology, the delivery process is extremely efficient. The average delivery time in Budapest is just 30 minutes, and you can follow the whole process in the application.

And now with your Erasmus Life Budapest Card you can get a 1500 HUF discount* from your first order! You just only need to choose your favorite among the many delicious goodies, swipe, and relax, because the tasty bites are already on the way to you!

*The minimum order value must be 1800 HUF.

Discount:  1500 HUF discount from your first order.

Website: https://wolt.com/

Promo code: After you get your ELB Card, you will receive the promo code in email that you can use for 1500 HUF discount (available for new Wolt users)

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